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What will happen at the initial consultation?

During the consultation, you and Dr. Kremer will discuss the changes that you would like to make in your appearance. He will explain the different options available to you, the procedure itself, its risks and limitations, as well as the kind of anesthesia required.

Dr. Kremer will begin with a physical examination to evaluate your overall weight, skin and muscle tone, and distribution of fat deposits. He will also record a medical history, including any medications that you are currently taking.

Be sure to ask all the questions you have about the procedure. Learning everything you can about your options, risks and benefits is the key to making an informed decision.




    Vollmitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen (DGPRÄC, vormals VDPC)
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    Mitglied der International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery
    Ästhetische Plastische Chirurgie
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