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Dr. Michael Kremer in the national and international press (interviews and expert interviews in various magazines, journals, etc.)

Tumult 31

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Dr. Michael Kremer in an interview with the intellectuals-Series TUMULT 31 on "Facial Aesthetics".

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Dr. Michael A. Kremer on SKY (Focus Health)

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Dr. Michael A. Kremer on SKY (Focus Health) in the VOX program "Mirror Mirror"

"Mirror, mirror on the wall ..." - Many people, even those who meet our classic ideal of beauty, come when you look in the mirror every now and then to ponder. If the nose is too long? The belly fat? The tooth gap too big? No wonder, then, that the boom of the beauty industry is unbroken and a nice finish at the top of the wish list of women - and increasingly men - is.

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