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FAQThe questions listed below have been put together by our medical director, Dr. MichaelKremer, MD, from online as well as from personal consultations. The questions are being updated constantly and are included here to provide you with additional information. Should you have any questions yourself, please feel free to contact us!

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FAQ-Facial Surgery

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery? I have had difficulty with my insurance calling things cosmetic which I do not think are really cosmetic.

Answer from Dr. Kremer:

Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape “normal” structures in order to improve the patient’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance.

Reconstructive surgery is performed on “abnormal” structures of the body caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, defects following surgical treatment of cancer, or other diseases or difficult wounds. It is often performed to improve function but many of these operations are also done to improve appearances as well. Reconstructive surgery is usually covered by most health insurance plans, although coverage for specific procedures and the amount of coverage for these procedures varies greatly between health plans. Accident insurance policies often cover the treatment costs for "cosmetic" surgery after trauma.

There are several common operations performed in plastic surgery that are increasingly difficult to get covered by insurance plans. Breast reduction is one of these operations. Other procedures, such as surgery to correct congenitally abnormal ears, remove keloids or widened scars, or scar revisions are additional procedures that are difficult at times to get covered by insurance plans.

Please contact your insurance carrier early ahead of time. Our office will assist you in explaining your individual situation to your health or accident insurance, if necessary by a detailed assessment and photo documentation. Eventually, at least a partial coverage agreement can be negotiated.

I live in Dubai and am very interested in undergoing rhinoplasty during my next trip to Germany in July. My nose is not very bad but I am very self conscious about it. I want to look my best. Can a rhinoplasty make a difference when it is not extreme?

Answer from Dr. Kremer:

Rhinoplasty can really make a difference in a person's facial appearance. The nose has a very prominent position in the face and most people are quite conscious about that. I would encourage you not to feel you are being vain about your appearance as I frequently see both men and women who are concerned about the appearance of their nose. It is difficult to say what would need to be done in your particular case without examining you.

If you have access to a digital camera or a scanner, I would encourage you to email me some pictures of your nose from the front, from the side, and from the bottom with your head tilted back. With those, I could give you a better idea what the procedure would entail as I would have a sense of what type of rhinoplasty I might need to do. Please, consider to stay at least 2 weeks in Germany after surgery, as the healing process needs to be monitored by us closely.

This is a question to Dr. Michael Kremer: I am a 24-year old male from Dhahran/Saudi Arabia. Even though I accept that a rather large nose with a hump is a typical ethnic feature in arab males in my country, I am convinced that my nose in particular is far to big and too broad. It appears almost African to me. I am very self-conscious about this and would like to consult with you during my next trip to Munich in June. Please, doctor, help me! Thank you, Mohammad

Answer from Dr. Kremer:

Dear Mohammad, thank you for contacting me from long ways. I fully understand your concerns and can assure you that you are not alone: in the past I have treated many male patients from your country and other countries in the gulf area. Even though ethnic features are to be considered particularly in rhinoplasty, some patients simply have to big of a nose and need plastic surgery.

When you come to my office, I will demonstrate to you many before-after pictures of other arab males and you will see, that I did not change their looks but enhance their looks. I set great effort in creating a very natural result so that you see the difference you always wanted but people around you don't realize that you had cosmetic surgery.

Together we will - step by step - do a computer simulation in order to determine how much change you want and how this would look. I can assure you that your final result will closely match what we planned ahead of time and that you will not end up like Michael Jackson.

The information on this web site is only intended as an introduction to this procedure and should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor as a guarantee of the result. The best method of determining your personal options is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Kremer. He will be able to answer specific questions related to your situation.
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