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Terms and conditions for the FAQ-section

Our medical director, Dr. Michel A. Kremer, MD, and his team are happy to answer your questions regarding plastic surgery. You can submit your questions by completing the form below. Any questions which seem to cover topics of general interest to our visitors will be posted, anonymously, under FAQ for everyone to read.

If you have a question concerning our fees for cosmetic plastic procedures, please refer to our fees site. Please be aware off that an individual offer can only be made after a personal consultation including a thorough physical examination. We are sorry that such inquiries can therefore not be answered.

Because of many emails reaching our office currently, our personal response may take up to several days. Please, call us directly at +49-(0) 89-5527450 if you have immediate questions.

In addition to this very detailed information on our website incl. pdf. documents to download, we have no additional information material that we may mail to you ahead of a personal consultation appointment. Inquiries about mailing of information material can therefore not be considered.

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