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Fees for Cosmetic Surgery

Due to legal requirements of the Bavarian Medical Council ("Bayerische Landesarztekammer") it is not allowed to any medical professional to advertise with average prices for medical and surgical procedures which aesthetic plastic surgery procedures are considered to be, too.

After a thorough physical exam and personal consultation in our office you will receive an individual quote for the appropriate treatment for you. Purely cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enhancement or liposuction by law are subject to sales tax (VAT) in Germany.

In case multiple simultaneous procedures are performed, total costs may be less than if those were performed in separate sessions.

Please consider the follwing:

  1. Individual price requests by email cannot be answered due to the above mentioned legal requirements.
  2. Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are generally your own financial responibility and are not being reimbursed by health insurance carriers. In Germany they are subject to sales tax (VAT) as they are considered medically not necessary. Should you be of a different opinion please contact your insurance and ask them. It is not a good idea to ask us if your insuracne will pay for the simple reason that we cannot know this.
  3. We cannot recommend a plastic surgeon / clinic near to your home town. We think that we ourselves strive to give you the best possible and safest treatment. As we are not aware of the qualitiy of other doctors and clinics we cannot give you any recommendations other than coming to us for a consultation.
  4. We offer financing by a thiord party carrier, specializing in loans for cosmetic surgery treatments. Get more information about Medipay.
  5. Payments can be executes by bank transfer, credit card, ec-card, PayPal or cash at your own convenience.

We look very much forward to personally consulting with you and offering you an individual fee quote!

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