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Expert interview with the magazine "fit for fun"

The fitness and lifestyle journal "Fit for Fun" in conversation with Dr. Michael Kremer on "Recent trends of plastic surgery."


Interview (automatically translated by Google Translate)

More and more German put under the knife - among them more and more men. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Kremer numbers, risks and trends.
FIT FOR FUN: What you should always consider when choosing a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Michael A. Kremer: The best recommendations for a plastic surgeon are good patient experience as well as many meaningful before-and-after pictures. You should also make sure that the physician employed full-time as possible with cosmetic surgery. One should also not be tempted to interpret the title "Professor" as a label for cosmetic surgery. Also means "hospital" or even a "TÜV seal" not that in such institutions achieve better cosmetic surgery is operated.
How many people can beautify artificially in Germany?
Because cosmetic surgery by leading physicians in Germany belong to various trade associations, the numbers can not be centralized. From the available data it can be estimated that in 2006 approximately 300000-400000 cosmetic surgeries were performed (without wrinkle treatments). In the USA in 2006 about 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries and about 9 million non-surgical treatments (injections, peelings, etc.) were carried out. Breast augmentations were before rhinoplasty and liposuction, the most common operations.
What are trends?
A relatively new trend in Germany are tightening body after massive weight loss, I myself work with an experienced surgeon who first scaled the stomach endoscopically, I taut after removal of 50 and 120 kg and then excess droopy skin. In addition, multiple or simultaneous interventions are required, ie, patients want more operations at the same time during anesthesia. Another, unfortunately unpleasant trend is the increase in patients. Having an aesthetically unacceptable results, usually after surgery by inexperienced physicians beauty, come to me and need postcorrections.
Is the business of "male" become?
I can confirm from my own experience that more and more men follow the trend. In my practice are certainly 50 percent of men, and indeed all social origin, occupation or sexual orientation - and rising. While women because breast augmentation, tummy tightening, liposuction come to the legs, lip enlargement and wrinkle treatments, to me, it is the treatment of male breast formation, hair transplants, liposuction of abdomen and waist and profile corrections in the face in men.
Is there a risk that patients are lured with "price dumping" to Eastern Europe? What are problems and dangers like?
Beauty surgical tourism is unfortunately a common phenomenon. The most popular countries are Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the former Yugoslavia and Poland. Problems and hazards ranging from language barriers about missing advice to operations that take place on the same day as the consultation. The anesthetic and hygiene standards are often inadequate, so pain and infections are not uncommon. Also unsightly to large scars and asymmetrical results occur. For Eastern European beauty clinics can operate virtually straight on without risk of legal consequences and refuse any correction from a distance. I advocate to see a doctor in the vicinity of confidence or at least in Germany. Dr. Michael A. Kremer is an expert in the TV show produced by FOCUS "Mirror, mirror ..." that. Starting from 17:03 weekdays runs at 17.00 clock on VOX. He is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and since 2002 works in its own specialist practice in the Munich Maximilianstreet. More info: www.cosmetic-aesthetic.com.
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