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Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants

Breastimplants: under or over the pectoral-muscleBreast Augmentation is a surgery designed to enlarge the breasts. This surgery is frequently sought by women who are unhappy with the small size of their breasts, sometimes after pregnancy or weight loss. If you are considering breast augmentation, the following information will provide you with a good introduction to the procedure.

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Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Breast LiftA breast lift (mastopexy) is indicated when the breasts have lost their youthful volume, the skin has become stretched and saggy, and the nipples have drooped. This is quite frequently the case after pregnancies or significant weight loss.

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Breast Asymmetry Correction

BrustangleichungMost women have slightly different-sized - or asymmetrical - breasts. However, in some cases the difference in size is pronounced. In these cases, correction is often desired. The best procedure will depend on several factors, including how you want to balance the breasts. You may want to augment (enlarge) the smaller breast to look like the larger one, or reduce the size of the larger breast to match the smaller one.

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Breast Reduction / Mammaplasty

Breast reductionBreast reduction surgery is sought by many women to relieve the physical restrictions and painful strain on neck, shoulders and back caused by excessively heavy breasts. This strain that can be so severe that it leads to chronic headaches, back and neck deformities, shoulder indentations, breathing problems, skin irritation and a variety of other medical problems.

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Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction

GyaekomastiaGynecomastia, or excess development of breast tissue, occurs in as many as 40-60% of men. The cause is not always known, but the incidence increases with certain drugs (digitalis, anabolic steroids, Tagamet, and spironolactone), use of marijuana or alcohol, and obesity.

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Breast Implant Revision / Capsulectomy

Brustimplantatsitz f 20010792 XSBreast implant revision is a surgical procedure designed to replace older silicone implants with new saline-filled implants, or in certain patients with newer silicone-filled implants. This procedure may also be necessary to remove a fibrous capsule forming around the implant with possible displacement or discomfort.

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Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted Nipple CorrectionFor many women, having inverted nipples can be distressing and can be a source of self-consciousness and breastfeeding problems. Inversion of the nipple is caused by a short milk duct system running from the chest wall to the nipple. Thanks to various techniques in plastic surgery, however, women with inverted nipples no longer have to live with this condition.

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